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Lack of transparency and access to data is a serious vulnerability in the current AI audit ecosystem. While protecting proprietary information is a necessary first step, it is not the appropriate response. While all audit systems grant privileged access to auditors, access to data is not required to be direct. In fact, the National Institute of Standards and Technology uses a custom API to protect its face recognition vendor test models.

The use of AI for tax purposes should also be considered carefully. Moreover, governments should ensure that AI systems are properly governed. For example, AI is being used by governments to prevent money laundering, which can cut funding for narcotics, terrorism, and human trafficking.

World by offering

The Genies series is a digital world where avatars use the Flow Blockchain to trade and make purchases. The company wants to extend the world of Genies beyond the realm of gaming to the real world by offering a marketplace where users can create collections. Moreover, the new e-commerce platform will allow users to create and sell their own avatars, which is a great way to make money off of their creations.

The new e-commerce platform will allow users to customize their 3D cartoon avatars. These accessories will be minted on the Dapper blockchain network and sold at low prices. The accessories will be priced at less than $20. The secondary market for Genies avatars will be decided by the creators, so the price of the products will vary.

The new Genies series also aims to provide a platform for creators to design avatar fashions. This will allow more people to participate in the growing digital avatar economy. Already, some celebrities have used digital avatars during pandemic. This will help them to create new ways to engage with their fan base.

Social media

The Genies series has received high-profile endorsements from Paris Hilton, Priyanka Chopra, and Camilla Cabello. The game has even gained the support of Mary Meeker, who led the $65 million funding round for the company. Paris Hilton even revealed her Genie avatar on social media.

With the recent funding, Genies has built out its celebrity network and has embraced NFTs publicly. The company has also partnered with Universal Music Group to offer its users avatars of its artists. The company has a network of more than 100 employees and has formed partnerships with major music and entertainment companies.

With this funding, Buildots will double its global team and expand into new countries. Its platform is already being used for major construction projects in several countries. The new funding will go towards marketing, sales, and R&D. The goal is to make Buildots a standard on construction sites. The company also has plans to explore other applications for its technology.

Immediate actions

Buildots’ technology will help construction teams track the process of constructing a building. It connects process models with the original design and schedule. As new work is added, the company’s AI algorithm will double-check it against the plan to ensure it meets quality standards. Once completed, the AI will update the as-built digital twin model. The granularity of the data will enable teams to drill down on issues and take immediate actions.

Lightspeed Ventures led the $30 million Series B round for the Israeli startup. Existing investors also participated in the round. The new capital will help the startup expand its product and add more employees. The funds will also allow the company to scale internationally. The company’s team will double in size.

With its AI-powered construction platform, Buildots has developed a solution that can improve efficiency. It uses hardhat-mounted 360-degree cameras to collect data and AI to process that data. The solution helps construction teams stay on schedule and flag mistakes in real time. The startup’s technology has made it possible for major construction firms to complete their projects faster and more efficiently.

Blockchain division

Atari is one of the most recognizable consumer brands in the world and is a leading interactive entertainment producer. CEO Frederic Chesnais will be replaced by Wade J. Rosen on April 6, 2021. The company is reorganizing into two divisions: Atari Gaming and Atari Blockchain. Chesnais will focus on Atari Gaming and Licensing while Rosen will focus on the Atari Blockchain division.

Atari has made many recent announcements. The company has started partnering with various companies, from hotel chains to blockchain-based fashion startups. It has also begun shipping its long-awaited VCS gaming consoles. While this project was not without setbacks, its development is still an exciting step forward for the company.

The company is also considering leveraging its brand. Atari is one of the most iconic video game brands, and one of its biggest assets is its brand name. It is now leveraging its name by selling in-game items, offering virtual clothing, and shipping its VCS gaming console.

Planning software

Aquant is a software that mines data from various sources to produce actionable insights for your business. It works by learning the language of various companies’ service processes and extracting insights from data silos like customer relationship management platforms and enterprise resource planning software. The AI takes days to learn the language of a company and can mine data from millions of customer tickets, parts catalogs, inventory, supply chains, and even internet of things alerts.

Aquant raised an additional $30 million in a series B round. This represents the company’s second round of financing in 14 months. The company plans to use the money to expand its engineering, client services, and go-to-market teams. Increasing customer demands and expectations have created new challenges for service delivery.


Rivalry is a sports betting and iGaming company. It is based in Toronto, Canada, and has a team of 70 employees worldwide. It has an Isle of Man license, which allows it to operate in countries that do not have domestic gambling licenses. The company launched in August 2018 and is in the process of obtaining licenses in several other countries. It has already raised $53 million in funding, which it will use to expand its team and products odisha discom

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