Heavy Duty Magnetic Screen Door

When you need to keep annoying pests out of your home, a heavy duty magnetic screen door is a great choice. These types of doors feature a self-sealing mechanism and strong magnetic closures. You’ll never have to worry about them crawling through your door again. This product is perfect for use in outdoor areas, such as around patios and decks. You’ll also save on energy costs, too!

This high quality magnetic screen door is easy to install and can fit any standard doorway. The magnets in this product are incredibly strong, keeping out insects while allowing hands-free access. Designed to fit standard doors, it has 18 powerful magnets. It’s available in different sizes to fit most standard doorways. It fits doors up to 38″ wide x 82″ high and works with most types of door frames.

The AUGO Magnetic Screen Door uses a powerful magnetic field to keep insects from entering your home. It is also equipped with two sets of gravity sticks to keep bugs out while allowing breezes to come through. This screen door can be left open or closed. The magnets can hold up to 450 pounds of insect debris. Heavy-duty polyester mesh and a reinforced fiberglass mesh make this product a solid choice for any outdoor space.

It’s important to measure your entryway to ensure that the magnetic screen door will fit properly. Some brands offer one size only, but most have multiple sizes. You may be able to buy a larger model if you’re measuring between standard sizes. To get the correct size, measure from left to right and from the bottom of the doorframe. The door will not close if it drags on the floor. A magnetic screen door is also adjustable to fit any door between standard sizes.

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