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How to Fix Common Website Issues

There are several ways to fix common website issues that may be preventing you from delivering a great user experience. Duplicate content is a common culprit, and removing it can boost your SEO. Alternatively, you can consider hiring an editor to fix the content for you. Typos and broken links frustrate users and may lead to loss of customers. Using an online tool to check for broken links can save you countless hours expotab.

When a page is hard to navigate, it’s easy to overlook its user-friendliness. Many pages are not reviewed regularly, and issues with navigation may remain at the forefront. No one wants to navigate through a page with a broken link, so they may not even know that they’re there. Even if someone does find a page with an obvious navigation issue, they will still view it as failing. To resolve this issue, you should work with an expert.

Incorrect copyright year can send the wrong message. Broken images are another careless website error. While broken images are easy to diagnose with a content management system, they may be a sign that your website needs to be redeveloped. Another issue is a standard 404 page. A 404 page is an error message that abruptly ends user engagement and does not offer any helpful feedback. You can’t afford this. However, there are a few simple things you can do to fix these issues.

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