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Shufti Pro KYB and AML Verification Solutions

Providing KYC, AML and identity verification services, Shufti Pro has a global footprint, including support for 230 countries and multiple languages. Earlier this year, the company launched COVID certificate verification and NFC verification solutions. Today, the company is a Salesforce AppExchange-listed company and has won numerous awards, including the RegTech Insights Best New Product award. Interested in learning more about Shufti Pro?

Shufti Pro’s KYB verification solution helps businesses, financial institutions and banks mitigate risk by verifying the true identity of a person and verifying the business ownership of a company. It provides real-time background checks from more than 1000 watchlists and three-dimensional databases. By providing the required information, Shufti Pro can help mitigate risk while maintaining a reputable service provider relationship.

The company has partnered with FYNXT, a global Fintech firm, to integrate Shufti Pro’s AI-powered identity verification (IDV) services with its payment solution. Besides offering transparent, convenient payment solutions for financial institutions, FYNXT also offers award-winning KYC and AML services. These services verify customer identity during onboarding and prevent money laundering, identity theft, and terrorist financing.

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