Silent Art Auction Ideas

If you’re planning on hosting a silent art auction, you need to have some good silent art auction ideas in mind. The first thing you should remember is to make sure that all payments are made in CASH. This ensures that artists get paid quickly. Another important thing to remember is to avoid shill bidding, which is when an artist bids on his or her own work but uses someone else’s name to raise the price. Avoid this at all costs! The last thing you want is for attendees to feel pressured into bidding or to buy something just because they didn’t have a pen handy.

The next thing you need to remember is that your audience will likely have varying interests and values. For example, if your silent art auction is for a young professional crowd, you should choose a theme that reflects their interests. For example, if the target audience is children, consider items such as signed sports memorabilia or a Disney tour. You can even set a minimum bid so that the bidding process is transparent or opaque.

You can also consider selling branded merchandise to supplement the silent auction proceeds. Consider setting up an online store or a merch booth at the event site. Many people attend silent auctions to look for cool art items to take home. So, consider this option if you have a popular brand. You can also sell some of the merchandise you have gathered from silent art auctions. There’s no better way to raise funds for a cause than to sell a few branded items.

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