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The Rental Law in Qatar

The rental law in Qatar regulates the relationship between landlord and tenant. The law also provides rent caps, establishment of lease registration offices, and a Rental Dispute Committee. The law applies to all premises except for public property, vacant land, tourist accommodations, and employees of companies operating in Qatar. Two members of the committee are appointed by the minister. They have the responsibility of resolving disputes relating to rental agreements.

The new rental law will be in force for two years starting today, and landlords can’t increase the rent until the Cabinet approves it. The law also stipulates that landlords cannot raise the rent until the law approves the regulations, percentage, and timeframe. The Emir signed Law No. 4, which stipulates the formation of a committee with judicial powers and spells out provisions to prevent evictions without sufficient notice.

The tenancy contract will be drawn up in Arabic, with an English translation provided. Typically, a rental contract is yearly, but you should read and understand all clauses before signing. In Qatar, most rent contracts require tenants to provide a post-dated cheque. Most properties in Qatar require tenants to deposit a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. This deposit is usually fully refundable if the contract is terminated or is canceled.

In some areas of Qatar, a villa is a popular rental option. These properties feature amenities, communal living, and even swimming pools. Before making a final decision on where to rent your home, you should consider several factors, including the cost of the property, the proximity of schools, and conveniences. Villas in compounds usually have gates, small gardens, and community centers. Some of them even have swimming pools and playgrounds.

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